Best Places to Visit in the Philippines (Part 2)

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Best Places to Visit in the Philippines (Part 2)We simply can’t get enough of the Philippines. It is simply one of the best travel destinations in Asia. On our previous article we went to Puerto Prinsesa in Palawan and up north we visited the quiet, cobbled stone town of Vigan Ilocos Sur.

The Philippines is the best place when it comes to hosting international seminars, conferences and large meetings. If you are one of those lucky people with travelling jobs then the Philippines is your destination of choice. The Philippines is both a business and tourist hub. Infrastructures are already in place and the communication system for mobiles, broadband and DSL is of business and industrial standards.

Let us take a look at some of the most famous destinations of tourists and business tourists alike.

The Queen City of the South
Cebu offers a lot to tourists and those who are there on business and pleasure. Known as the Queen City of the South, Cebu offers the best of both worlds. Luxury Hotels, Exclusive Clubs and Spas as well as International Conference venues can all be found in this charming city. Enjoy international as well local dishes that will simply leave you wanting for more.

Let’s not leave the south and head on to the Land of Promises, Davao. At par with Cebu, Davao is also the best places to go to in the South for business and pleasure. Do not forget to enjoy one of the world’s favourite aphrodisiac, the Durian fruit. Enjoy Davao’s beauty particularly its abundant orchid laden land.

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