Best Travel Jobs in the World

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Best Travel Jobs in the WorldWho doesn’t like to travel? Practically everyone loves the adventure of going to a distant country to explore its many wonderful places. Travelling is definitely something that is worth doing. It has become a measure of a person’s success in life. Back in the early days if a man is said to be someone who is well travelled then he is someone to be recognized. But what could be better than working and travelling, travelling and working at the same time? Yes, there are so many great paying travelling jobs out there that at the same time require you to travel as well! So I ask again, what could be better than that?

If you are an International Correspondent for big television network or newspaper then travelling is your life. What’s great about this job is that you get a lot of free access on “happening” places because of your media pass. The stories that you are covering are going to be seen or read (sometimes both) by millions of people world wide! Now that is the ultimate travelling job experience!

Flight Attendant is another job that is all about travelling. It is actually your job to travel. But the downside of this is you seem to have enough time to explore the places that your airline travels to. But just the same you have a flying office that takes you to a lot of places all the time. Now how many people can that about their jobs?

Writing is a passion. If you are a very good writer and you happen to land a job writing about places and things then you could be a great travel writer. This is again a very good job because you only not able to fulfil your dreams as a writer but you get to travel as well.

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