Best Travel Jobs in the World (Part 2)

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Best Travel Jobs in the World (Part 2)On the first part of this article we have established that practically everyone wants to travel. And to work, travel and get paid at the same time is probably the ultimate job that you can get in this lifetime. We have already mentioned three top travel jobs in the world which are International Correspondent, Flight Attendant and Writer. There are still so many jobs out there that require you to travel and pay you big bucks as well.

Let us take a look at some more travel jobs and maybe you’ll be able to land yourself one.

Diplomats and Consulate Officers

If you happen to have a diploma on Government studies then the career path that you should take must include service in consular affairs and embassies abroad. This is a very rewarding career. You are a civil servant enjoying government benefits and at the same time travelling to your place or country of assignment.


There are a lot of different types of recruiters out there and most of them are being required to travel abroad. This is required because Recruiters sometimes need to hire other people from a different state or a different county. This is really cool and rewarding job. You bring good news to other people that they are good enough to be a part of your company.

Medical Representatives

Let’s face it selling anything is difficult especially if you are trying to sell to a bunch of professional doctors who are all busy attending to their many patients. But the life of a medical representative is quite exciting. You travel locally to sell your products and you also travel abroad for seminars and trainings.

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