Corporate Travel Consultant

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Corporate Travel ConsultantCurrently we have an outstanding opportunity for an experienced Corporate Travel Consultant to service one of our most prestigious and well-respected law firm accounts. This account requires strong International experience and is situated at their on-site pm the West side of Manhattan. This is a superb situation for an experienced consultant who want to join a great travel team. The hours for this position are 9:30am – 6:00EST. This is not a virtual position. Continue reading

Travel Reservationist

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Travel Reservationist Under the supervision of the Travel Manager, will plan and price a variety of complex domestic and international itineraries in accordance with Laboratory and applicable Government policies via the Worldspan Computer Reservations System, telephone, fax, and e-mail. Will arrange trip itineraries; make air, hotel, rail, and ground transportation reservations; price and fare itineraries; issue exchanges and refunds; void tickets as required; arrange for special needs pertaining to seats and meals. Will update customer profile database and provide information relative to passport, visa, and health requirements. Continue reading

Digital and Customer Engagement Specialist

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Digital and Customer Engagement SpecialistThe Marketing Digital and Customer Engagement Specialist  works with a globally diverse team of marketers, designers, sales leaders and engineers to meet and exceed Pearson English Business Solution’s business objectives—by developing and managing the Pearson English Business Solutions communications strategy, to both internal and external customers. .

You are a highly talented marketer, an enthusiastic team player, a natural leader with high integrity and an organized self-starter with outstanding communications (both written and oral) and stellar problem-solving skills. You are excited to join an agile marketing team that works very closely with sales to execute on company goals. You have a positive, can-do attitude and are someone who finds solutions and not just problems. You’re praised for your analytical mindset and can quickly comprehend information and details. Above all else, company culture is important to you; you want to have fun while working hard and appreciate knowing that you’re making a real difference in people’s lives. Continue reading

How to find Executive Travel Jobs and Get Hired

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How to find Executive Travel Jobs and Get HiredAre you stuck with your career in travel and want a better position? If so, why not apply at any Executive travel jobs? Given you have several experiences already you can apply for any better positions such as travel director jobs and hospitality director jobs. These travel jobs career are happen to be positions that are applicable only to people who deserve them.

If you think you deserve any junior or senior position vacancies such as you have the fresh ideas to introduce in the travel industry, there are actually some vacant positions for you to fill in. I happen to found my first executive position at the I thought it is hard to find one and I was surprised to know that they have actually some good and fresh listings. There are so many of them from different companies around the world. So, if you like to be transferred and move places or you want a new fresh air and start somewhere – give that website I told you a boot. Become a member there and you will see how many positions available there.

Isn’t it funny that after all these times trying to find career promotions in the companies somewhere near your place – you can actually find it that website? Getting travel jobs are now easy with it. Whether you want promotions or shift a travel career positions – that website is amazing for people like us who want career in the travel market.

So, don’t waste your time. Level up now and get your most awaited promotion – any executive travel jobs or of your choice. Again, go to

Business Travel Career Information

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Business Travel Career InformationGenerally there are several types of career available to people having travel consulting experience.  One particular type that many of these people would want to consider is business travel jobs. In many ways, these are pretty similar to commercial travel agent careers.

Not all business travel jobs demand 24-hours availability, but there are others require you to be. If you are a commercial travel agent, it is likely your work is done once the particular customer is on their way or when having on-trip problems that are being solved by a different department and consultants. Business travel consultants are more likely to be on duty dealing throughout the whole trip right from booking the travel plans to thriving return into the office. If challenges are experienced en-route, such as cancellation or delays, or programs are changed at the last-minute, the consultant will need to constantly be on side to resolve these problems as quickly as possible. This requires not only a readiness to receive phone calls along with possible work in the middle of the night or during weekends.


Some of the job requirements in any business travel career may include international booking experience, knowledge in systems such as Sabre and Galileo; while others can include domestic experience and also  knowledgeable in rail networks. However, there can be several key differences too. People considering of this kind of career should be familiar with them before applying for a position.

Getting business travel jobs is now simple and easy to find through It is where you can find the latest opportunities at the travel market. So, if you are a person who is particular to any business travel jobs or other jobs that require travel – simply visit that site and become a member. You will get updated on travel opportunities.

Travel Nursing Jobs

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Travel Nursing JobsA traveling nurse is specially trained to help homebound or chronically ailing people or assist at nursing homes as well as other medical related places any time the personnel is in lack. The main attributes of this particular profession is the moving to numerous places which include patients’ homes. There are some traveling RNs who need to take a trip between hospitals, clinics as well as educational and medical research centers. Although the fundamental requirement for this career is the typical nursing license, some other prerequisites vary.

Travel RNs play large significance in the medicine and health sector. There are many terminally ill or truly old patients who seem to need continual care however they are unable to get out of their residences. In support of such patients, generally there is no alternative option. These people require someone to render medical assistance as properly as keep track of their progress along with taking care of their own needs.

Travel nursing jobs offer a lot of advantages as well as the opportunities to travel. It also allows a person the chance to get a working experience in your preferred area of expertise when generally there aren’t many vacancies in your place especially if you live in a small town and happen to be looking for experience in a hospital. Plus, as a travel RN, you will have the chance to meet new people and see different places in the country.

So, if you are fresh graduates of nursing and recently acquired a license but loves to travel, the travelling nurse is the best suited career for you. Isn’t it wonderful to have nursing jobs and travel jobs combined in one career for people like you? Go to now and grab one travelling nurse job for you.

Occupational Therapy Travel Jobs

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Occupational Therapy Travel JobsTravel jobs in the health-related sector are suitable for those who actually love to do the job in a variety of places. Essentially, professional candidates could apply for occupational therapy travel jobs that exist in top rated healthcare establishments throughout the world. Aside from promising beneficial compensations, this kind of jobs likewise provide the particular opportunity for individuals to gain additional exposure to the latest approaches in the field as well as interact with a lot of people.
The idea about these occupational therapy jobs is to give assistance to individuals who actually have physical, psychological or emotional conditions as well as to assist them gain back or sustain a healthy, ordinary lifestyle. A further important purpose of occupational therapists is to aid children with psychological disorders perform well in school. Well, generally, being an occupational therapist is one most rewarding job by helping other people improve their lives.
Getting occupational therapy travel jobs could be hard if you do it on your own but with the helpful assistance of an agency like, the over-all process will be a whole lot easier. Visiting there, you will find lots of fresh jobs available looking for professional like you. In fact, many people with disabilities prefer hiring occupational therapist to stay-in at their homes than going to a health care facility. Sometimes, these people can manage on their own but loves to travel too thus they needed professional therapists to accompany them during their travels so they won’t miss their sessions.

Adventure Travel Jobs

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Adventure Travel JobsIf you actually are looking for a career that requires travelling to some amazing places as well as the opportunity to meet and interact with people of different cultures, then you certainly might want to have one of the numerous travel representative jobs available. It gives you a great opportunity to do the job in another country or other locations as well as in different amazing places to offer practical assistance to the travelers there.

There are several kinds of travel jobs to choose from and one of the most sought for is being a tourist guide representative. As a representative, you will be assisting group of travelers to a certain destination. Thus, you need to be well familiar with the place you will be guiding them and can be able to tell some historical facts, background and able to show them some interesting places around.

Basically, you must be fluent in English. However, if you know other language such as Spanish, French or Nihonggo, it will be a plus. If without tours to do, tourist guides can be a travel agent. They earn as an agent too! They help travelers plan their vacations, giving them some tips and places to go at the particular destination, arranging their travel itineraries, book their flights as well as hotels.

There are lots of travel jobs available. It can be part time or full time. And working at home is possible too. You can find lots of opportunities at and start right at the very moment you visit the site. Happy gallivanting!

Top Countries to Visit in Your Life Time

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Top Countries to Visit in Your Life TimeLet us go and take a journey to countries that are worth visiting. These countries have been rated by travellers all over the world as their favourite countries to visit. Each country in this list has been approved by a lot of people as the country to visit in your life time. Let us take this short journey that will guarantee you’ll be on the next plane out.

Crete, Greece
Indeed this is Aphrodite’s island! It is beautiful, it is magnificent. The view of Crete is spectacular and the food is great! The combination of mountains and the blue ocean is dizzying. At night Crete is alive with lights and tourists all going about, chatting and dining. You can do practically everything in this lovely city. Shop, dine, hike, swim, get tanned, laze around and a lot more!

Prague, Czech Republic
It is a certified tourist city in Central and Eastern Europe. It has emerged from a backpacking favorite to one of the most visited cities in Europe. You don’t want to miss Prague’s mystique beauty. It’s gothic architecture combined by the city’s modern features is simply divine.

Budapest, Hungry
Certainly a lot of romantic poems and songs have mentioned the river Danube in this wonderful city. There even movie scenes featuring this very famous river that cuts right through the center of the city. Budapest is remarkably rich in both the old and the new; the past and the present. Enjoy the glitter of its nightlife and the subdued tranquillity of day time tourism.