China: The Giant has awaken

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China: The Giant has awakenAbout two decades or so ago China was often referred to as the sleeping giant; not anymore. There is practically nothing that is not made or assembled in China anymore. Because of China’s great population it is now the largest labor for hire in the world. If you are a person employed in one of those jobs that require travel then you’re in luck. China now has promising potentials in terms of financial freedom and business acquisitions and more.

China’s premier cities are Shenzhen and of course Beijing. There are a lot of other cities in China but these two have the greater impact in our discussion. Shenzhen was able to turn its farm and agricultural economy into a more industrialized one giving way to those people who want to have jobs and earn money for a living. Beijing on the other hand is a combination of modern, tradition, culture and many others. Being the capital city of China, Beijing is wonderfully diverse while upholding the values and customs of the Chinese people.

China’s economy has grown so fast over the last decade that they are now one of the industrial and consumer capitals of the world. What’s great about China is when it began to open its doors to the world it was able to preserve its cultures and traditions to the world. International manufacturing companies have already transferred their operations to China because of its very competitive labour rate as well as the quality of output and many more.

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