Interesting Facts about Canada

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Interesting Facts about CanadaSince the first part of t his article tackled about the different wonderful places to visit in Canada, this article will discuss some interesting facts that you should know. These facts are useful for tourists and those people whose jobs require travel or travel jobs.

Canada has one of the world’s highest living standards. They are currently enjoying great economic boom. They were not as severely affected by the financial turmoil which seemed to have affected a great big part of the world. Canada can also boast about its free health care for everyone which plays a very significant role in determining whether the economy of a country is really doing well.

Canada is one of the favourite destinations of people who want to migrate. They want to gain access in this country because of its abundance. The Canadian government governs wisely over its people. Homeless and job scarcity is not a major problem in this country. In fact education, health and prescription for their geriatric patients are availed of free.

Ottawa, the capital of Canada and the second largest city in Ontario is one of the most important cities of Canada in terms of business and tourism. Canadians are lovers of art and history. This is very evident with Ottawa’s 30 museums. It is also the official residence of the Canadian government including Parliament, the Senate as well as the Canadian Supreme Court.

Probably one of the most important products of Canada is its maple syrup. It is very abundant in this region hence the single maple leaf design on their flag. Quebec is the largest manufacturer of maple syrup in Canada just like Vermont in the US.

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