Newest Travel Destinations

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Newest Travel DestinationsThere are so many different places all over the world that are slowly emerging to be the newest ultimate travel destinations today. Even people who are into jobs that require travel because of the different businesses they are in are now recognizing the potentials of these locations in terms of clientele and profit. These new travel hubs are all aggressively trying to develop their tourism prospectives in order to fully tap the millions of tourists that are willing to try new places and adventures.

Let us take a look at the emerging travel destinations all over the world.

Minorca, Spain

A quiet and tranquil city in Spain, it is in direct contrast with its sisters Ibiza and Majorca. Minorca offers a completely different kind of satisfaction catering to those who are more into nature and conservation. The whole island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with miles and miles of untapped beaches and crystal clear waters. Ideal for those who want to truly experience paradise!


Marrakesh, Morocco

This ancient walled city survived the great financial breakdown probably because it is somewhat excluded from the rest of the world. Marrakesh’s exclusive hotels and luxury boutiques are still thriving and new ones are underway. It is what you might consider haven for those who want ultimate luxury in life.

Shenzhen, China

It is arguably the third richest city in China, after Beijing and Shanghai. It is also the industrial hub of this largest country in Asia. From a peasant economy not a decade ago, Shenzhen slowly but surely rose above the ashes of poverty into an internationally recognized industrial hotspot. International hotels like Shangri-La, Grand Hyatt and the likes are already present in Shenzhen. Shopping and dining are the best activities here.

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