Adventure Travel Jobs

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Adventure Travel JobsIf you actually are looking for a career that requires travelling to some amazing places as well as the opportunity to meet and interact with people of different cultures, then you certainly might want to have one of the numerous travel representative jobs available. It gives you a great opportunity to do the job in another country or other locations as well as in different amazing places to offer practical assistance to the travelers there.

There are several kinds of travel jobs to choose from and one of the most sought for is being a tourist guide representative. As a representative, you will be assisting group of travelers to a certain destination. Thus, you need to be well familiar with the place you will be guiding them and can be able to tell some historical facts, background and able to show them some interesting places around.

Basically, you must be fluent in English. However, if you know other language such as Spanish, French or Nihonggo, it will be a plus. If without tours to do, tourist guides can be a travel agent. They earn as an agent too! They help travelers plan their vacations, giving them some tips and places to go at the particular destination, arranging their travel itineraries, book their flights as well as hotels.

There are lots of travel jobs available. It can be part time or full time. And working at home is possible too. You can find lots of opportunities at and start right at the very moment you visit the site. Happy gallivanting!

Top Countries to Visit in Your Life Time

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Top Countries to Visit in Your Life TimeLet us go and take a journey to countries that are worth visiting. These countries have been rated by travellers all over the world as their favourite countries to visit. Each country in this list has been approved by a lot of people as the country to visit in your life time. Let us take this short journey that will guarantee you’ll be on the next plane out.

Crete, Greece
Indeed this is Aphrodite’s island! It is beautiful, it is magnificent. The view of Crete is spectacular and the food is great! The combination of mountains and the blue ocean is dizzying. At night Crete is alive with lights and tourists all going about, chatting and dining. You can do practically everything in this lovely city. Shop, dine, hike, swim, get tanned, laze around and a lot more!

Prague, Czech Republic
It is a certified tourist city in Central and Eastern Europe. It has emerged from a backpacking favorite to one of the most visited cities in Europe. You don’t want to miss Prague’s mystique beauty. It’s gothic architecture combined by the city’s modern features is simply divine.

Budapest, Hungry
Certainly a lot of romantic poems and songs have mentioned the river Danube in this wonderful city. There even movie scenes featuring this very famous river that cuts right through the center of the city. Budapest is remarkably rich in both the old and the new; the past and the present. Enjoy the glitter of its nightlife and the subdued tranquillity of day time tourism.

The Best Places to Travel in Europe

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The Best Places to Travel in EuropeThe European continent is probably one of the most picturesque in the world! All fifty European countries have their own unique landscapes and sceneries. That is why Europe was tagged as the ultimate travel destination. If you and your friends have jobs that require travel then you are most lucky if you happen to be assigned in which ever country in Europe.

Let us take a look at some of the most beautiful and unique destinations in Europe.

The Italian Riviera
A beautiful place set along the coastline of Italy, the Italian Riviera seems to be calling your romantic personality. Which ever you like doing you’ll most likely find it in Italy. The dining is superb and the selection is truly international. You might want to try Pisa, Tuscany and Genoa; three of the most famous cities in Italy.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Why not visit the country where one of the most famous fiction and children’s story writer, Hans Christian Andersen was born. Denmark has so many places to offer for eager tourists who want fun, adventure and exploration. Copenhagen is the home of the “Little Mermaid” a character popularized by Andersen. Visit Lego Land a place that is very popular to kids and adults alike. If you love castles and museums then Copenhagen is really the best place for you.

Krakow, Poland
A place of great history, Krakow, Poland is a place where you’d like to be. Historic architecture like cathedrals and castles add to the contradicting feel of night life and night clubs. This is the amazing feel of Krakow.

The Best of Korea

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The Best of KoreaSouth Korea remained a tranquil and nature loving country all these years. Yes the Korean government has embraced industrialization and modern technology as evident to their globally renowned products like Samsung, LG, Kia and Hyundai. These mobile, appliance and automotive brands are some of the leading products in its category all over the world.

Indeed Korea is one of the best destinations if you are into travelling jobs or jobs that require travel. These jobs are mostly about business and Korea is definitely a country where innovations, inventions and developments are embraced.

Like Japan, Korea was able to preserve its great natural resources. That is why people with jobs that require travel often visit Korea because of its diverse landscapes, cultures, traditions, and industrial products.

There are so many nice places to visit in Korea where you can relax, enjoy the scenery while doing your work without any hassles.

Jindo Island is one great place to be in Korea. If you are a lover of beaches and sand filled day then this is definitely a place for you. A lot of companies visit his island for seminars, conferences and other corporate affairs.

Seoul is the capital city of Korea. It is where the 1988 Olympics was held and another one is coming up in 2018 which is the Winter Olympics. Not all countries can host an Olympic event. That is why this is a true evidence that Korea is doing really great in terms of its economical growth.

Newest Travel Destinations

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Newest Travel DestinationsThere are so many different places all over the world that are slowly emerging to be the newest ultimate travel destinations today. Even people who are into jobs that require travel because of the different businesses they are in are now recognizing the potentials of these locations in terms of clientele and profit. These new travel hubs are all aggressively trying to develop their tourism prospectives in order to fully tap the millions of tourists that are willing to try new places and adventures.

Let us take a look at the emerging travel destinations all over the world.

Minorca, Spain

A quiet and tranquil city in Spain, it is in direct contrast with its sisters Ibiza and Majorca. Minorca offers a completely different kind of satisfaction catering to those who are more into nature and conservation. The whole island is a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve with miles and miles of untapped beaches and crystal clear waters. Ideal for those who want to truly experience paradise!


Marrakesh, Morocco

This ancient walled city survived the great financial breakdown probably because it is somewhat excluded from the rest of the world. Marrakesh’s exclusive hotels and luxury boutiques are still thriving and new ones are underway. It is what you might consider haven for those who want ultimate luxury in life.

Shenzhen, China

It is arguably the third richest city in China, after Beijing and Shanghai. It is also the industrial hub of this largest country in Asia. From a peasant economy not a decade ago, Shenzhen slowly but surely rose above the ashes of poverty into an internationally recognized industrial hotspot. International hotels like Shangri-La, Grand Hyatt and the likes are already present in Shenzhen. Shopping and dining are the best activities here.

Japan and Its Economic Wonders

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Japan and Its Economic WondersJapan’s economy has been one that can sustain itself for a long time. Japan has been independent since the 1950’s and its economical boom has left a lot of governments in the world in awe of this little nation giant.

Japan has since then became one of the favourite destinations of people whose jobs require travel because of the great business potential of Japan. Another great thing about Japan is its impeccable business ethics. Japanese are lovers of punctuality, obedience and discipline. That is why when it comes to business deals they are one of the most trusted in the industry.

Japan is a delicious mixture of nature and industrial richness. Its government’s zealousness to keep everything in order combined with the obedience and law loving nature of the Japanese people are the key ingredients that made this small nation great in terms of economic stability.

Tokyo is Japan’s capital. It is a city that can make an addict out of anyone who experiences this city of lights and sounds. Tokyo is regarded as the fashion capital of Asia. Aside from shopping Tokyo is also a great big dining room where superb and delectable international cuisine is served.

Yokohama on the other hand is the second busiest and 2nd most populated city in Japan. It is also where the largest China town is said to be. Yokohama is also a very important business center in Japan. It is also city most popular with tourists and expats.

Interesting Facts about Canada

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Interesting Facts about CanadaSince the first part of t his article tackled about the different wonderful places to visit in Canada, this article will discuss some interesting facts that you should know. These facts are useful for tourists and those people whose jobs require travel or travel jobs.

Canada has one of the world’s highest living standards. They are currently enjoying great economic boom. They were not as severely affected by the financial turmoil which seemed to have affected a great big part of the world. Canada can also boast about its free health care for everyone which plays a very significant role in determining whether the economy of a country is really doing well.

Canada is one of the favourite destinations of people who want to migrate. They want to gain access in this country because of its abundance. The Canadian government governs wisely over its people. Homeless and job scarcity is not a major problem in this country. In fact education, health and prescription for their geriatric patients are availed of free.

Ottawa, the capital of Canada and the second largest city in Ontario is one of the most important cities of Canada in terms of business and tourism. Canadians are lovers of art and history. This is very evident with Ottawa’s 30 museums. It is also the official residence of the Canadian government including Parliament, the Senate as well as the Canadian Supreme Court.

Probably one of the most important products of Canada is its maple syrup. It is very abundant in this region hence the single maple leaf design on their flag. Quebec is the largest manufacturer of maple syrup in Canada just like Vermont in the US.

China: The Giant has awaken

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China: The Giant has awakenAbout two decades or so ago China was often referred to as the sleeping giant; not anymore. There is practically nothing that is not made or assembled in China anymore. Because of China’s great population it is now the largest labor for hire in the world. If you are a person employed in one of those jobs that require travel then you’re in luck. China now has promising potentials in terms of financial freedom and business acquisitions and more.

China’s premier cities are Shenzhen and of course Beijing. There are a lot of other cities in China but these two have the greater impact in our discussion. Shenzhen was able to turn its farm and agricultural economy into a more industrialized one giving way to those people who want to have jobs and earn money for a living. Beijing on the other hand is a combination of modern, tradition, culture and many others. Being the capital city of China, Beijing is wonderfully diverse while upholding the values and customs of the Chinese people.

China’s economy has grown so fast over the last decade that they are now one of the industrial and consumer capitals of the world. What’s great about China is when it began to open its doors to the world it was able to preserve its cultures and traditions to the world. International manufacturing companies have already transferred their operations to China because of its very competitive labour rate as well as the quality of output and many more.

Best Travel Jobs in the World (Part 2)

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Best Travel Jobs in the World (Part 2)On the first part of this article we have established that practically everyone wants to travel. And to work, travel and get paid at the same time is probably the ultimate job that you can get in this lifetime. We have already mentioned three top travel jobs in the world which are International Correspondent, Flight Attendant and Writer. There are still so many jobs out there that require you to travel and pay you big bucks as well.

Let us take a look at some more travel jobs and maybe you’ll be able to land yourself one.

Diplomats and Consulate Officers

If you happen to have a diploma on Government studies then the career path that you should take must include service in consular affairs and embassies abroad. This is a very rewarding career. You are a civil servant enjoying government benefits and at the same time travelling to your place or country of assignment.


There are a lot of different types of recruiters out there and most of them are being required to travel abroad. This is required because Recruiters sometimes need to hire other people from a different state or a different county. This is really cool and rewarding job. You bring good news to other people that they are good enough to be a part of your company.

Medical Representatives

Let’s face it selling anything is difficult especially if you are trying to sell to a bunch of professional doctors who are all busy attending to their many patients. But the life of a medical representative is quite exciting. You travel locally to sell your products and you also travel abroad for seminars and trainings.

Best Travel Jobs in the World

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Best Travel Jobs in the WorldWho doesn’t like to travel? Practically everyone loves the adventure of going to a distant country to explore its many wonderful places. Travelling is definitely something that is worth doing. It has become a measure of a person’s success in life. Back in the early days if a man is said to be someone who is well travelled then he is someone to be recognized. But what could be better than working and travelling, travelling and working at the same time? Yes, there are so many great paying travelling jobs out there that at the same time require you to travel as well! So I ask again, what could be better than that?

If you are an International Correspondent for big television network or newspaper then travelling is your life. What’s great about this job is that you get a lot of free access on “happening” places because of your media pass. The stories that you are covering are going to be seen or read (sometimes both) by millions of people world wide! Now that is the ultimate travelling job experience!

Flight Attendant is another job that is all about travelling. It is actually your job to travel. But the downside of this is you seem to have enough time to explore the places that your airline travels to. But just the same you have a flying office that takes you to a lot of places all the time. Now how many people can that about their jobs?

Writing is a passion. If you are a very good writer and you happen to land a job writing about places and things then you could be a great travel writer. This is again a very good job because you only not able to fulfil your dreams as a writer but you get to travel as well.