Platform Onboarding Associate

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Platform Onboarding AssociateYou will have the opportunity to collaborate with the makers and internal teams alike to onboard their products to consumers.  You’ll participate in the entire process from when a potential maker brings their product to us, clear through to when they are actively shipping orders out to happy customers.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Provide strong technical expertise (SQL, a programming knowledge, etc)
  • Work directly with makers on how best to technically describe and onboard their new products onto the Zazzle platform quickly and accurately
  • Collaborate with our photographers to match assets (photos and video) to a data model to best represent the maker’s custom product
  • Troubleshoot all technical issues faced by makers and assist them with integration of our API to their factory workflow.
  • Email contact and phone calls with each maker seeking to sell their products on our platform
  • Support internal tools (CRM, custom tools, etc.)

Minimum Requirements:

  • BA/BS degree (in lieu of degree, 6 years work experience)
  • Preferred: Experience with SQL, API integrations, Web Services, XML

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