Top Countries to Visit in Your Life Time

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Top Countries to Visit in Your Life TimeLet us go and take a journey to countries that are worth visiting. These countries have been rated by travellers all over the world as their favourite countries to visit. Each country in this list has been approved by a lot of people as the country to visit in your life time. Let us take this short journey that will guarantee you’ll be on the next plane out.

Crete, Greece
Indeed this is Aphrodite’s island! It is beautiful, it is magnificent. The view of Crete is spectacular and the food is great! The combination of mountains and the blue ocean is dizzying. At night Crete is alive with lights and tourists all going about, chatting and dining. You can do practically everything in this lovely city. Shop, dine, hike, swim, get tanned, laze around and a lot more!

Prague, Czech Republic
It is a certified tourist city in Central and Eastern Europe. It has emerged from a backpacking favorite to one of the most visited cities in Europe. You don’t want to miss Prague’s mystique beauty. It’s gothic architecture combined by the city’s modern features is simply divine.

Budapest, Hungry
Certainly a lot of romantic poems and songs have mentioned the river Danube in this wonderful city. There even movie scenes featuring this very famous river that cuts right through the center of the city. Budapest is remarkably rich in both the old and the new; the past and the present. Enjoy the glitter of its nightlife and the subdued tranquillity of day time tourism.