The Best Places to Travel in Europe

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The Best Places to Travel in EuropeThe European continent is probably one of the most picturesque in the world! All fifty European countries have their own unique landscapes and sceneries. That is why Europe was tagged as the ultimate travel destination. If you and your friends have jobs that require travel then you are most lucky if you happen to be assigned in which ever country in Europe.

Let us take a look at some of the most beautiful and unique destinations in Europe.

The Italian Riviera
A beautiful place set along the coastline of Italy, the Italian Riviera seems to be calling your romantic personality. Which ever you like doing you’ll most likely find it in Italy. The dining is superb and the selection is truly international. You might want to try Pisa, Tuscany and Genoa; three of the most famous cities in Italy.

Copenhagen, Denmark
Why not visit the country where one of the most famous fiction and children’s story writer, Hans Christian Andersen was born. Denmark has so many places to offer for eager tourists who want fun, adventure and exploration. Copenhagen is the home of the “Little Mermaid” a character popularized by Andersen. Visit Lego Land a place that is very popular to kids and adults alike. If you love castles and museums then Copenhagen is really the best place for you.

Krakow, Poland
A place of great history, Krakow, Poland is a place where you’d like to be. Historic architecture like cathedrals and castles add to the contradicting feel of night life and night clubs. This is the amazing feel of Krakow.

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